Friday, January 21, 2011

Pics from Barnes & Noble signing :)

Barnes & Noble in Tribecca. So pretty!

I. Have. A. Sign. Several, actually! OMG. And those are CC books next to the table.

Just started speaking. I love having a podium to, um, hide behind. :)

Love the green curtain.

Posing with my bestie/Canterwood partner extraordinaire Kate.

Jill aka "Sasha Silver" signing autographs! She's a rock star.

Jill and a reader girly.

Smiling for the camera with Miss Jill. I totally heart her!

Signing for some awesome girls.

More signing!

Smiling because we're having a great chat.

I look very serious here, LOL.

She came on crutches! Aw!

If you click on this pic, you can REALLY see my purple hair tinsel. :)

Signing it a glittery pink pen.

Still signing . . .

Ah, see the tinsel now! :)

Signing a book for Jill.

Pretty smile. :)

I had so much fun at my B&N signing! We had special guests--Jill aka Sasha and Editor K.

Also, instead of reading from UNFRIENDLY COMPETITION, I read an excerpt from CHOSEN and showed the full front and back of the cover.

I also announced that . . .

I'm incredibly excited to announce that I've signed a new four-book deal to continue Canterwood! We're up to *20* books, guys!!! YAY! And how lucky are we to have Editor K on board. Sooo excited.

I've got video of the event that I'll upload soon so YOU can see me read from CHOSEN.

Hope you like the pics!



Adina H. said...

Yay first comment. Awesome those pics are so awesome. I wish i was there. Man i feel like ive missed out on a bunch. Happy for u Jess, :D

αιѕнαн ❤ said...

OMG!!! I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THE NEW DEAL!!! Canterwood Crest 4ever! :)



Suz said...

I totally <3 your hair tinsel! So glittery.

Anonymous said...

Oh!!!YEAH!! 4 more books....20 CanterwoodCrest books.. Loved the purple hair, are you Violet or Ruby??
Photos at B&N were fantastic!!!I so have to get an e-reader.

Anonymous said...

So wish I was there. Instead I'm in bed with the flu. Yay for me. It is kinda funny cause I live pretty far away from New York but my mom is in there now for a "girl's weekend" with her mom and sisters(I'm so jealous)and she could have gone and got a book signed for me. Unfourtantley she got into to New York on the 20th. What can I say. Just my luck.

Anonymous said...

the chosen vid isnt working 4 me!!! :'( and i tried it on youtube 2 theres just no sound no matter how high i turn the volume up :(

CrossCountryGirl said...

OMG cool!!! I'm soo excited its 20 books now!!!! I <3 CC!!!!!!!

Suz said...

I just went to and decided that, with the $20 I got from my grandpa, that I am probably going to buy some gold hair tinsel. :D
Luv that it's 20 books, I can't survive on just twelve.

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