Friday, January 8, 2010

2010 goals and dreams

Not much time to blog since I've been busy with CITY SECRETS. Like, really busy. But it's over a week into the new year and I haven't talked about goals/wishes for the New Year. I'm trying to focus on things that are in *my* control, but I also want to spend the first new year in NYC just living and seeing what happens. Sometimes, it's seemed the less I try to make things happen--the better things work out.

In 2010, I hope to:

* Finish Canterwood 9-12 and keep building Team Canterwood

* Write an edgy YA novel proposal

* Write an adult novel proposal with BFF

* Write a new tween book

* Read more. Waaay more.

* Write more. Waaay more.

* Go out and have fun

* Stay in and have pizza/movie parties

* Vlog more

* Buy stock in Sephora ;)

* Walk through the park after a fresh, heavy snow

* Go on vacation--(maybe to the Jersey Shore?) ;) Haha.

What're your resolutions/goals/dreams for the New Year?

PS--As soon as it's announced, I'll blog about it, but super sparkly congratulations to my BFF for having something awesome, amazing and sooo well deserved happen for her last night.


Joannah said...

Cool goals Jessica. Love them! And I can't wait to get further into the canterwood crest series!!!! I'm almost finished with Chasing Blue and its one of those books that you can't put down and you just have to keep reading . . . I love it! I stay up late reading it because when I see the next chapter its like "I gotta read it" You naughty girl, you make me stay up late ;-) Thanks so much for CC Jess I love them!!

Oh one question Jessica. Is Eric black? Just wondering . . .

My goals/resolutions? hmm, I've only made one so far, to trust God with every corner of my life. And another one is to finish my novel and get it published. I probably have a lot more too. :-)

Jessica Burkhart (Jess Ashley) said...

Aw, thanks, Joannah! And Eric's Hispanic. :)

Michelle said...

Hey Jess,
AWESOME goals. I can't wait 4 the release of the next CC book. As soon as they come out I beg my mom to go to indigo to get it. And then I finish it the day I get it.;)

Anonymous said...

Great goals Jess. I know you will achieve them above and beyond your expectations.Congrats to your BFF and the exciting news.Can't wait to see City Secrets cover.

Joannah said...

Ah, I see now, :-)

:0D NP. I LOVE your books! I actually just ordered Behind the Bit and Triple Fault. Can't wait to get them!!! :-)

Abigail said...

What was the exciting thing your friend did? Some how, I missed that Eric was hispanic. I need to get to writing my book!! I always get side tracked(like now) and I dont even finish a chapter! Gotta get to writing! Ttyl!

DD said...

My goals this year is to finish my book which I have been working on for a year and I really want my crush to ask me out. lol Really hoping on that one.

Jessica Ashley said...

So a lot of you have already gotten RIVAL REVENGE? Coool! It released really early. :)

Adina said...

Those sound like awesome goals Jess! I love the part about reading and writing waaaay more!!!!!!!!!:D *I never knew Eric was Hispanic*

CrossCountryGirl said...

Ya!! Rival Revenge was amazing; i got it on wednesday nite and read all through my class under my desk on thursday! I finished it last nite!!It was fantabulous!!! Y , i also never knew eric was hispanic so that's cool.

Hey Jess I have a question also:

Is CC gonna come out as a movie/tv series soon?? or ever??? it totally should cuz that would be sooo cool!

Anonymous said...

Hey! if Avery is on here plz tell me! Abigail Reed/corbyn marvil

Katie said...

my 2010 resolution is to finish my new novel

Thoroughbredstar said...

Great goals Jess!!
My goals are:
*Finish book i'm writing, I'm on page 53!!
*Hopefully publish said book
* Convince Jessica to publish books faster. . .

Horse goals:
* I ride english/western, I got my horse in oct and have never ridden english on him, I hope to jump on him and. . . post correctly. Haha
*Teach my 17H. horse to bow so I can get on him bareback, like Stacy Westfall and Roxie.
*help my horse get over his "Whip-phobia"
* Hopefully win some shows/ support sis and rodeos (barrel racer)

Maybe my crush will ask me out too. . . I can dream, it's not gonna happen.

madelin said...

you should make another horse book!

DJones said...

Awesome goals!! Mine are to walk closer to God and like Joannah, trust him with every corner of my life, get more involved with church, stuff like that.

Tammee said...

Great goals Jessica, but I can't imagine you writing anymore than you already! You are one of my inspirations when I make excuses about getting work done.

One of my goals for the year will come to fruition when I attend my first writer's conference this year, the SCBWI in NYC at the end of this month.

Other goals include completing s several writing projects.

Good luck to you and everyone else with their goals this year :)

BTW, just got my first Canterwood Crest book in the mail yesterday.

Anonymous said...

My new years resolution is to jump 2'6 on my horse and also to get my crush that I've liked for a year and a half to ask me out *sigh* o wells ( he's two years older than me and he knows that I like him)

Joannah said...

Hmmm, crushes and books? No, no one on this site has anything in common. ;-) lol. Well I am going to finish my book this year, actually two of them!! I'm on page 112 of notebooks pages for the first one and just 11 for the second. :-)

Gabby B. said...

Hey Jess I still love your books even though I don't post as much anymore it just means that I am reading more like you want to do and if Eric were real he'd so be with my best friend (Thats for you Sara) and Ryan would be mine hehe :D I got the hint that Eric was Hispanic but i tought he was Hispanic American. Thanks for inspiring me Jess I hope to finish my four books 2 of witch my friend Lauren is helping me write

Sara S said...

Resolutions... hmm... well i have riding goals like jump 2 feet and to learn how to gallop but unlike everyone else, i am not a writer and have no crushes. I live for the horses:) good goals jess, and it would be so cool if you wrote more books than CC!

Anonymous said...

Well here are some of my goals:
*Finish the novel/fanfic I'm writing
*Finish reading the Marauder fanfic that I LOVE!
*Do great at my upcoming horse show!!
*Read RR and the rest of the CC books till I drop;)
*Survive 8th grade AND finish my 2 major projects
*Watch the Deathly Hallows part 1 when it releases next year(I'm Harry Potter obsessed)
*See a Triple Crown Winner(hopefully D'Funnybone)!!
That's about it....<3 Luce

Kathryn said...

Awesome goals Jess!
Mine are very big and I hope to achieve them soon!
~ Finish my 1st book in a horse book series of 8 books.
~ Publish my horse book series
~ Become an author at 14
~ Make straight A's in high school
~ Be able to jump 2ft by the end of 2010
~ Be able to buy a horse
~ Enter some horse shows

That's it! :)

Thoroughbredstar said...

Anon, you have a show in the winter??

cranbur said...

you are an awesome writer!!! I LOVE your books!!!

Hannah said...

become a better rider, student, and person. :)

Anonymous said...

ummmm... ya. u have a prob with that thoroughbredstar???? at least i actually GO to shows. have u ever heard of something called an indoor arena????? hey, im just kidding :D but ya- i do go 2 shows in winter in indoor arenas :)

Hannah said...

I have an indoor at my barn too. we do schooling shows in the spring/summer. my boy likes it outside. he tosses his blonde mane and perks up. he's such a thoroughbred lol. :) i love him :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess I have not recieved my sidned copy of RR yet. Please e-mail me or send me a massage on Facebook. My e-mail is



Anonymous said...

Great goals! And also I didn't know Eric was Hispanic, I just read the books and thought he was a tan American! :) LOL!

Unknown said...

This is kinda off topic but...does the Rival Revenge thread have a lot of spoilers? Because I've been afraid to look there and have it give away everything. Please answer my question!

Anonymous said...

My goals are to:
1.keep making straight As
2.try dressage and cross country
3.jump three feet
4.get a horse(very possible once my grandparents sell their house in Orange Beach, Alabama and move here they said they will buy me a horse)
5.keep doing good at soccer(had to add that in there so I didn't have like all horse goals)

annoyinglyalice1901 said...

I love these book so for my book report im useing books 3 and 4 if u can help thats will be awesome!!!!!!! xoxoxox <3

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