Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Win an early copy of Triple Fault!

I just gave away a signed copy on the Canterwood Crest forum, but I think it's time for a blog giveaway! Triple Fault comes out on August 11, but I know some of you JUST can't wait. :)

So, to enter, leave a comment here, on my LiveJournal or in both places. Tell me why you want a copy of Triple Fault! :)

You have until Sunday, July 26 to enter.

Boring rules:

I'll ship only to US addresses and you must e-mail me within a week to claim your prize. I'll have all of that info when I announce the winner. Good luck!


Shannon said...

Hey Jess! I entered this on the Canterwood Crest forum and didn't win so I thought I would give it another shot! I cannot wait for the book to come out and I will get my sister to send it to me in a care package since I won't be there to get it myself! The series drew me in from the start!

Rv Shultz said...

Hi Jess - I just found you through Twitter last week & I'm intrigued I love working with youth & introducing them to horses. I'd love to read your series & tell the girls I work with about it. =)

Aislin said...

I would love an early copy of Triple Fault because when the series first came out I saw the first book sitting there. Truthfully I didn't know if it was going to be good or not. Going out on a limb I picked the book up. After I finished reading it I fell in love with the series forever! The drama that ensues at Canterwoood is amazing, and the way that Sasha has to deal with all the pressure, and how she deals with it I admire.

I will also be away at camp when this book comes out so an early copy would be the perfect thing to take to camp with me. That way when I am not at the barn during rest hour I will have a good book to crack my nose into. This series has become my favorite so fast, and I cannot wait till all 12 are out (Thank you for extending the series!)!

My cabin mates were all intrigued when I said I was reading a good series and now they have fallen in love with the books as well! Thank you for writing the series!!!!

<3 Horses

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
I love Canterwood and all the are a wonderful Author! Enter me please,

Anonymous said...

I'd love to win a copy. Can't wait to continue the adventure!

Emma said...

Hey Jessica [:
I'd love to win a copy of Triple Fault because ever since I read about you in Young Rider, I've been totally inspired by you and have been following your blog ever since I found it.
You're a great role model and I aspire to be a writer just like you, and I also have given my heart to horses. [:
Because of the inspiration you've provided me with, I've been coming up with more and more promising ideas for my writing..
And have even started seriously searching out my dream writing school.
So, that's why I'd be thrilled to win your book, I guess. :P

Thanks for all that you do, Jess, and keep the blogging coming! [:


Anonymous said...

hey jess, this is why i think i should win the canter wood crest tripal falt, i just went to the bookstore one day and i was alowed to spend $20. I went into the fiction area and started looking for a series i liked. The lady that was trying to help me find them...pointed out that your books were on the shelf and she told me to give them a try.I picked up all three and checked out.
When i got in the car i started reading them.I could not put them down.Now i am caught in your sries.I just love your books and i am going to be in Ohio the week it comes out and an early coppy would keep my brain from poping out of its skull on the plane ride there and home! so please pick my eassy.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica!

I REALLY want an early copy of Triple Fault because your books inspire me to learn more about horses and it definitely is an inspiration for my horse series! :D

I am now in love with horses and your AWESOME Canterwood Crest series! I love Sasha and everyone in the series, they're all so very well developed and you made their personalities shine!!!

I've been soo excited when every book comes out, I run to Books-A-Million to buy one :)

I can't get enough of Canterwood Crest, the story line is great and your a fabulous writer!

Even since I went to the library in January and saw a new horse series, I was like, "Finally, a new series!" I am addicted to Canterwood Crest books now and I can't stop reading them.

Also, I'm a writer like you and I'm going to start writing my first tween horse series! Your books help me because I need to learn soo much more about horses and riding. My series is a horse back riding academy, (Don't worry, my series is not and will not be a copy of Canterwood Crest. I thought of Prixton Academy last summer and it's extremely interesting!)
I'm going to have my Canterwood Crest books and lots of other horses series' next to me when I write Prixton Academy =)

Your books really inspired me to become a better writer and fall in love with horses ;)
Winning an early copy of Triple Fault would really be great because the series will inspire me to be a great horse-loving author!

By the way, I'll probably e-mail you soon with some details about Prixton Academy!

~Kathryn Eckhardt

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