Monday, July 6, 2009

GALLOPnyc--I'm volunteering, are you?

(7/5 note--this is a pre-scheduled post for today and I just wanted to add that I hope everyone had an amazing 4th of July. I'll share details from my sparkly weekend (with pics!) this week. But my first 4th in NYC? Total win.) :)

Hey guys!

So, I found out about this super cool equestrian program on a neighborhood message board and wanted to share it with everyone.

Read this first:


Hi! We are offering an EAP/Therapeutic Horseback Riding group in conjunction with GALLOPnyc ( for 7-10 year olds from August 24th through August 28th, 9:30-12 PM. This is an innovative (and FUN!) form of therapy for kids and can benefit many, including those who are simply shy, or anxious, depressed, struggling with divorce, ADHD, issues with peers, or could could otherwise benefit from learning horseback riding and socializing with peers in a therapeutic, non competitive environment. This group will be 1/3 riding, 1/3 grooming, and 1/3 group activities.

The group will take place in Kensington Stables, adjacent to Prospect Park.

For more information, questions, and to sign up for the group, please feel free to contact Susie Gersten, L.M.S.W. at


All right, so if you live in NYC or close by, they need volunteers to lead horses, help with the kids, etc. You do NOT need experience with horses to help. If you don't want to work with horses, then there will be plenty to do with the participants. I'm going to be volunteering at least one day to lead, groom, tack up and work with the horses and I'm so, so excited.I just sent an email for more details about volunteering, so I'm waiting to hear back to find out what I'll be doing. If you want to come and volunteer with me that would be GREAT! Shoot me an e-mail and we'll coordinate a day. If you've never been around a horse, I can teach you my skillz. ;)

If you don't live nearby but want to support the program, they're also accepting donations since some kids need sponsors. Contact Susie about that.


Kelly J. Becker said...

Woot woot! Go Jess! I'm sooo happy for you. If I lived in NYC or close by I'd be there, but unfortunately I live a looooong ways away. Happy belated 4th of July!

Butterscotch Pony said...

Hi! I volunteer at a therapuetic riding center where i live and it is awesome! have fun!

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