Friday, June 19, 2009

Everything and nothing

I started writing LITTLE WHITE LIES (Canterwood Crest #6 (SIX! *falls over*) yesterday. I Tweeted (stupidly, LOL) that I was going to stay up all night writing and hit 5k before I went to sleep.

Didn't happen. I wrote 500 words and stopped for the night. I needed a few hours to absorb outline changes and just think about where I needed to go with the book.

Today, I got started late and hit my stride. I had one of those rare "OMG" writer moments where I sat back and actually said, "Oh. Whoa. Wow. Um." out loud. One of those crazy-talking-to-yourself writer moments where you actually start to cry like an idiot for no reason.

But a few things hit me full force:

* I'm writing book freaking six. S-I-X. There was a time when I thought I wouldn't be able to write one book. Not one. Just short articles, nothing book length. And I'm not saying this to be like, "Oh, wow. Look. You've written five books." I'm saying this because so many writers e-mail me and say they're sure they can't write a book but so want to. That they can't write past a few pages. I used to think that too.

* I'm in love with a character. A character that I didn't fall for until twenty minutes ago. And I'm hard core crushing. (And man, I'm sooo gonna regret posting this part 'cause EK will read it and never let me forget it when I tell her my new love interest. As if she needs another thing to hold over me, LOL.)

* This is the first book I've ever written in New York and it'll be my only first book in NYC. It feels sparkly just for that reason.

* I'm not the writer I was when I wrote BEST ENEMIES. Not better, not worse (I hope!). Just not the same.

* Everything and nothing has changed. Everything in my life has changed. Nothing in my character's lives has. They were all there--waiting for me to come and move things for them. I'm almost annoyingly giddy to be back to Canterwood (I sound like a student, LOL) and into writing.

And not just writing.

Writing that I love.

There's a difference.

And it took a while for me to find it again. But I have.

Okay! Sappy much? Seriously. :) As you were.


Alea said...

*hugs* That sounds so wonderful :D

Summer said...

awww. You're cute.

Kelly Krysten said...

New love interest? Jess, how could you do this to me? I might not.Can't wait to see what you're throwing at me next!
Am so happy you're on your sixth book. Hopefully one day I'll be as cool as you.
But we do have lip smackers, colorful pens, and eyeshadow envy in common!:)

hazel marie said...

Hey! You might *know* me from GHC as I'maCowgirl (I saw my drawing and was like, AHHHH!!!*squeals* Thats MY picture! So cool!:D)
Anywho, I just got the writing bug about two months ago and I had no idea how awesome the writing world is!
Well, I made a blog for it and have posted a chapter on it and i would be SO eternally grateful if you would look at it! I'm trying to get some opinions on where I can improve, ect.
So please if you ever have time, my blog is: http:/
Thanks!(MY drawing! awesome!) :D

Rebecca said...

I love the OMG moments. WANT MOAR. ;)

Hurray for you! You've built all this yourself, and it's really really amazing and inspiring (yeah, I'm being sappy too). :D

Butterscotch Pony said...

congrats on your 1st new york book!

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