Friday, May 15, 2009

Weekend plans

Friday at last! :) I've been in my apartment for exactly a week now. Wow. Kinda shocking. I'm still not used to it.

As I mentioned, I'm veeerry excited to be hanging out with Nova on Saturday at a very cool cafe in Brooklyn. I went there before with Kassie and Roy and enjoyed the vibe. It's super cute. But before I meet Nova, I plan to get up super early and:

* edit, edit, edit BEST ENEMIES to send to to EK on Monday
* drop off laundry and hope I get the right clothes back ;)
* order posters for room decoration
* something that's not yet boring--clean the apt. It's actually still fun because I keep going, "Oh, cool. Cleaning my apt." That'll wear off, I know.

I'm also dying to curl up with a superfantasticexciting ARC that I got. *sparkly ARC* I've been saving it as an end of revisions treat. Perhaps that's why I've been working so much this week...

Sunday, I've got:

* the bunch with supercool A. I'm already hyped up for Belgian waffles and sparkly drinks.
* vlogging. I am without my tripod, so it'll be might come out very Blair Witch like.
* hopefully, if I have time, taking some pics of my fave local hang out spots.
* more editing and salivating over sparkly ARC.
* replying to fan mail. Sorry, guys! Responses are coming! Thank you, though, soo very much for emailing me. I appreciate it!
* researching local schools for visits in the fall.

1 comment:

nova said...

I'm excited for Saturday too! We'll work hard cooped up writing and editing all day and then by the time we meet we probably won't be able to stop talking...

Can't wait :)

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