Sunday, August 19, 2007

Current WIP--share 'em!

This weekend, I made a master list of all of the projects I plan to outline and then eventually pitch to my agent.

The list is now made up of:

* 2 MGs
* 7 YAs
* 1 non-fiction for teens.

Seeing "the list" in print helps me visualize my goals much more clearly and I've gotten back to working on other pieces besides HJ. At first, I thought I should only work on HJ until the edits were done, but that actually doesn't have to happen. I can happily switch between two projects and that keeps things fresh and interesting. So, now I'm going back and forth between Blackheart Mountain (my tenatively titled YA) and HJ. Nice. Both are completely different in tone, voice, style and my writing zest has been renewed! :)

This weekend, during editing, I found something new, too.... watching sports while editing is actually FUN. Coming from someone who only watches horse racing, I never thought I'd say that. Yesterday, I watched the ah-dorable (Sorry, too many Clique novels) Little Leaguers and oh, my, were they playing like the men! Wow! Last night, I watched the 2007 Visa Championships in women's gymnastics and I cannot wait to see the rest tonight.

Ahem, sorry. Back from the side rant about sports.

Share your current WIP. What's it about? Are you switching around with multiple projects or focusing on one?


Emily Marshall said...

Whoo. You have alot of ideas at once. My current work in progress is a YA. I'm only working on it for now. But it's a planned two-book series (minimum) and the first two-books have different MC's that interconnect. So I'm always keeping the other book in mind as I'm writing.

I have a bunch of other ideas I have in the back of my mind of future books that I try to build on while working on the other ones, though.

Amanda Ashby said...

OMG - you're only 20???? Jessica, you're seriously making me feel like a massive underachiever - actually who I am kidding - I AM a massive underachiever!!!

Anyway, I've been flitting between far too many projects while my lovely agent is off having her baby, however I've finally decided to knuckle down and get to work on my next young adult book. Unless of course my mg or women's fiction book start calling out to me again....

Jessica Burkhart (Jess Ashley) said...

Emily, oooh a series! :)

Amanda, Thanks for stopping by! No kidding about characters calling out and begging to have their stories typed. Your book title, by the way, is one of the best titles I've heard in a long time. :)

Sara Hantz said...

I would love to work on lots of projects at once, but unfortunately my ideas only ever come to me one at a time. I keep asking Amanda for some of hers, but she won't give them to me.... and she calls herself a friend!!

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