Sunday, July 29, 2012

Watching dressage on the Olympics!

That is all.


DVRing so I can rewatch later, too. Go Team USA! <3


Adina said...


Lucia said...

I love Dressage, esp. the Musical Freestyle! I really hope to ride at the Grand Prix level one day. GO USA!!! (Though Germany will no doubt earn a spot on the podium. They are Dressage legends.)

Anonymous said...

I watched the dressage, too! I DVRed the cross country and show jumping for eventing for the past two days and didn't get to watch them yet. Show jumping's my favorite to watch though!

Allisa said...

I'm a new to the Dressage world, but I've been watching the olympics too! I want a horse who can move like thouse horses can! I love my TB Chloe, but it woul dbe lovely to even stand next to one of those horses!

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