Saturday, June 25, 2011

What're you doing this weekend?

I'm BURSTING with AWESOME news to share with you guys!!! It's probably going to be a little while before I can reveal it but, man, it's sooo hard not to tell! *lowers voice to a whisper . . . I wish I could and have my editor not know . . .* :)

This weekend, I'm set to writing like a crazy person at Kate's late great uncle's apartment. Initiation is gonna be GOOD. It's so, so addictive for me and I want to write all the time. I think I'll have to make some cuts or it'll be looong.

Tonight, we have dinner with a dear from of Allen's (Kate's great uncle).

Right now, we're on in the living room watching The Voice and I'm writing.

What's everyone up to? Spill!


Andrea Hannah said...

Hey Jessica,

I just want you to know that I love your blog! I've been reading it for a little while now, checking in on how your writing's going.

I'm a writer/artist too, and I've just started my own blog (there's only a few post thus far, but I promise it will be filled with graphic art, writing, and profound (or um, silly) musings.

Please consider following me and passing the word on!

THANKS so much,
Andrea Hannah

Connie said...

This weekend, I'll be hiking a small mountain (about 1 and one half hours up, 1 hr down)!!!! Also, my secound cousin from China is coming on Wednesday, and I can't wait!! Andrea Hannah: checking out ur blog now!

Suz said...

I'm going to a sleepaway camp in Wisconsin with my best friends for 6 days!

Anonymous said...

I'm writing on the beach

Elise said...

Nothing much this week... just reading and writing!

Anonymous said...

:O Well, I went to a concert yesterday! It was the awesome. Who's your favorite on The Voice?!

Anonymous said...

on the voice i <3 Dia. How about you Jessica?

Anonymous said...

on the voice i <3 Dia. How about you Jessica?

horselover01 said...

I had my sleepover birthday party and I went to an amusement park with my best friends :) Then today I had a horse show and I think I did pretty well :D So its been a pretty great weekend!

Sam Newman =D said...


first, im going to PA with family to visit more family. (my dad is on a trip for work right now, cuz, ya know, he's a SEAL.) we're leaving on thursday.

sooo..... aboout the cuuutsss...... COULDYOULEAVEITLONG?! now that it's only being published every 4 months, i know that i will get through the books fast. here's the problem: I HAVENT PICKED UP CHOSEN SINCE MAY BECAUSE IM SCARED THAT IT WILL BE REALLY GOOD AND THEN I WILL FALL IN LOVE AND THEN I'LL HAVE TO WAIT TILL OCTOBER OR DECEMBER TO READ THE NEXT ONE!!!

can u help me?! my brain is too complicated..... ;D

Sam Newman =D said...

AND one more thing: about a week after PA we r going up to my 2nd fave place in the world: Cape May, NJ. there are TONS of things to do there.
my list of faves:

ride my bike ALL OVER THE PLACE


play badminton :)


walk/ride my bike to the outdoor/ old fashioned (still it is sooo fun!)

go on walks

go to the park

go to concerts in the other park (behind the mall)

look for runny babbits. (i <3 Shel Silverstein. (RIP))

play soccer. (it's my mom's parents' summer house, and my mom's dad was a professional soccer coach. it is REALLY fun to play with him.) ugh. i keep using the word, "fun." sorry, im a bit pressed for words that mean the same thing that would make sense if i put them there. :)

ride my bike. (did i already put that?......jk,jk. ;D)

and the all the stuff that i normally do at home. idk why, but it all just seems more enjoyable* there.

*i found a new word!

Sam Newman =D said...


im going to New Hampshire (Lake Mascoma) with my Pop-pop, Linda, & Linda's grandkid, Bree. i havent seen Bree in like 2 yrs! then my second-cousin-that's-really-only-a-few-years-older-than-me Sandy is coming up with her mom. :) im staying there w/ Pop-pop for a month, then my family is gonna come up in the end of July and we'll stay there for another 2 1/2 weeks. i'll be spending a lot of time there. ( we have an island on Mascoma.)

Sam Newman =D said...

NEVER MIND, THEN! lolo, i cant make up my mind....

Anonymous said...

Jess, when are you going to tell ur big news????? im dying here to find out!!!!!!

Maegan said...

I love Canterwood soooo much! I've gotten tons of my friends hooked on the series. :D Keep in as much of Initiation as possible! It will give me more time until I start dying for the next book!

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