Saturday, June 4, 2011

Signed Canterwood books at Rochester, MN Barnes & Noble

Recently, I spent 3 weeks in the lovely Rochester, Minnesota. I went for sad reasons though, as my best friend was visiting the Mayo Clinic. (Post about that to come. But we are home and cannot thank you enough for your support.)

There was a Barnes & Noble about 5 minutes from our hotel, so I went the day before we left and signed stock on the shelves. There *were* 34 books, but a very sweet girl named Camdyn took a copy of CHOSEN and several of you have emailed to say you've already put copies on hold.

I signed them in pretty pink! :) Everyone there was so nice and it was the COOLEST B&N I've ever visited. Next time, I'll sign stock at the Apache Mall's B&N.

If you're close to Rochester and want any signed books here's the store's information:

Barnes & Noble
Chateau Theater
15 First Street SW
Rochester, MN 55902

And here are some pics I took! :)

Yeah, I took a pic of myself signing. :p

The inside is like a CASTLE!

The escalator to the castle.

The pretty green before the store.

The entrance to the adult fiction.

34 books that need my signature.

I signed them at this cute table under a dragon!

Before I took them off the shelf . . .

All signed with a sparkly Gelly Roll pen.

Thank you to the staff at B&N for being so kind. I will definitely be back! Hopefully, under better circumstances. :)

If you get a signed copy, let me know.



Suz said...

That is *so* awesome, Jess! I'm also very glad that Kate is better. :)

Joni said...

That B&N looks awesome- what fun! Thanks for sharing the photos!

Still praying for you guys, that God gives you strength and courage, healing and joy... :)

Anonymous said...

Prayers to both you and Kate. The Barnes& Noble store is so awesome. Lucky ones that get a signed copy in PINK!!!!

Adina said...

Hope Kate got better from being at the clinic... cool pics of the signing!

Ashley said...

Soo cool!!! u think that the people in Minnesota appreciate it as much as we do? probably not...:)

Adina H. said...

Awesome I wish i was there. You should come to Chicago jess and sign books here. I finally got Chosen and i like literally finished it in like 2 hours, it was that good. It had a different feeling that with Sasha narroting but Lauren is awesome no less. Those pics are amazing and i can't wait for the next CC book :D

Suz said...

Today I'm going to a Lamplight show with my mum. So excited!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I should have not missed that I live in MN & l luv your books. I know this comment is kinda too late.
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