Monday, March 8, 2010

weekend wrapup

Where did the weekend go, seriously? *scratches head*

Mine was busy with fun things, a little bit of work and hanging with BFF while we went to Macy's and got our nails done. It was kind of an we're (including R)-all-waiting-for-Monday couple of days. R was actually the one who convinced me to replace my ridic sneakers. So, Kate and I went to Macy's and petted shoes we couldn't afford if we combined our bank accounts. But we did find some killer heels and sneakers for K and two preeettty pairs of walking/exercising shoes for me. Kate and I decided we're going to start walking around our park soon (under the strict ruling that I'm somehow supposed to protect her from ALL nature.) and I sooo needed shoes. Pink and gray and pink and white Pumas. I heart them!

We hopped the train back home and later got our nails done. Now, this is soo picture worthy. I got mine done in honor of ALICE IN WONDERLAND in a shade called "Mad as a Hatter" by OPI.

Yes, it is an explosion of sparkles. Love. Love.

Must start writing now though I'm super distracted, so "working" might mean cleaning or mindless organizing. Or rewriting my to-do list for this INSANE month. But it's insane in a good way because it's something I'm really excited about--going to Florida (hello, 75 degrees!!) and presenting at a conference. Plus, BFF's coming and we're going to have fun. :)

Happy Monday!

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