Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Just a note to my reader girlies that the blog might be quiet for a little while. I'm going out of town for the holidays soon and CITY SECRETS is due early next month. Gotta get that draft done! :) I'm also super excited that LITTLE WHITE LIES comes out in 6 days. Can't wait to hear what you guys think!

I won't be responding to emails over the holidays (if I did, I wouldn't be able to finish my draft), BUT I will be blogging as I can. I hope you all are getting excited about the holidays!

What's on your wish list for this year? Spill!

Now, signing off for pizza and my fave show--How I Met Your Mother. :)


Anonymous said...

My christmas list isn't that long this year and there is not really a ton of like big expensive gifts either. My mom is relieved and not so relieved because althought she want feel overwhelmed she feels like there is not enough to say the least she said I'm going to have a lot of surprises. But here some of the things I did ask for.....cloths, shoes, a horse(never gonna happen but you gotta have hope right),books, and horse junk. I am definitley not opposed to surprises though so I am excited!

Anonymous said...

Umm def. A cell. I don't have one yet, but my mom says the gifts r gonna be small this year. Also a mini laptop to write my stories on without sharing a computer but my mom says sheis gonna get me one before high school which is in 2 years! Wow. Thats kinda scary

Thoroughbredstar said...

My major Christmas list must-have is a tack trunk and grooming supplies. I got a horse in October!!!!:) I also got a cell for an early present. Random clothes and a few other things. Anon I totally agree, I've been begging for a horse since I was five! Seven years later. . .
So excited for LWL. I am stalking my B&N waiting for an early release maybe! But if not I will still read it in a day like all the other books.

Anonymous said...

Hanging candy canes on the tree...trying hard not to eat one or two.....Have a great snowy holiday!

Katie N. said...

OMG! how could you not know that? lwl! totally! i was like umm... mom that is totally what i want! and totally anything to do with NEW MOON OR TWILIGHT!!! i was #1 fan but now im going after Taylor Lautner, i mean ..... how can you resist that hot face and gorgeous smile........ anyway i always though Pattz was hott but now i moved on.....

DD said...

Happy Holidays everyone! My wish list is the new ipod nano with a camera, cloths, books, laptop,makeup and lots other things. We put up our christmas tree in Nov. Omg I lOVE Taylor L. He's so hot. But I hate twilight and edward.

Sara S said...

I want a HORSE! but not gonna happen(will someday!). Books, a cell, laptop, horse stuff the same as everyone else ;)

Kathryn said...

My Christmas list consists of the following items:

1. LAPTOP!! (I need one badly.)
2. 15 books from book list (That includes LWL.)
3. HD Camera/Camcorder (I love filming/taking photos!)
4. Leasing a horse
5. Riding lessons 2 to 3 times a week

That's pretty much it. I'm hoping for the best! :)

Annie C. said...

1. Cell Phone!
2. New Tack
3. New CWC Books!
4. A Laptop
5. Some hair supplies
6. Clothes
7. Breyers

Jumpergirl said...

All things horsie!!!


Merry Christmas too everyone who reads this!!

Joannah said...

Haha, I think its so funny that ya'all have the same things on your wish list.
I want the entire CC series, Jimmy Needhams cds, the new Leeland cd, books, books, books, pride and prejudice movie, itunes giftcard, green ipod 5th generation, music, movies and so so m/m! nothing expensive. :-) I also know the one present I'm getting from my parents (because its expensive) Its my purity ring. :-) Im hoping to get some CC and Jimmy Needham from my sisters. :-)

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say I think it is pretty much halirous we all have the same things on our list. I have offically found where I belong(joyful tears). Just joking but anyway it is kinda funny I mean in a nutshell our list consist of books, a horse, horse stuff, cell phones, laptops, and like all things girly.

Anonymous said...

I know isn't it funny how we all have the same things on our list! Well I'm not asking for much but what I am asking for are kinda expensive.
1-lwl(as many books as i can have=)
2-ipod touch 32gb

Merry Christmas to everyone and to Jessica

Crave for Canterwood Crest said...

I definetly want books.
Mostly books. I am not really into electronics.

Anonymous said...

My big gift would probably be a new bridle. And of cource, LWL!!

Gabby B. said...




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