Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Congrats, HorseGirlTV!

I'm reposting this from the Canterwood Crest forum:

HorseGirlTV has been striving the past three years to produce quality, educational and entertaining content for equestrian but likewise to bring the horse world to the world and reach mainstream audiences. We now have a chance to branch out through the Streamy Awards. One of the episodes nominated is with our favorite author, Jessica Burkhart, so please take a moment and vote!

Please help by clicking the link below and voting for HorseGirlTV as Best Hosted Web Series!
Best Hosted Web Series

You can also vote for Angelea Kelly Walkup for Best Web Series Host at:
Best Web Series Host
Angelea Kelly Walkup

Thanks for your support and Happy New Year to all.

Kind regards,
Angelea and Team HorseGirlTV!


JumperGirl said...

Yaaay!!!! First comment. I voted thaks 4 posting it!!

DD said...

I totally vote for you. Your awsome! I didn't even know who the other girl is.

Sara S said...

I def voted for you all! I love your website! :D

Anonymous said...

I already voted 2 times! Yeah for you and HorseGirlTV!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yah! Totally voted for you and Angela !!WOOHOO!!!!

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