Friday, April 10, 2009

Finally Friday

The weekend's almost here. Yay! I'm super excited about it. I'm nearing the finish line on BEST ENEMIES and it would be great if I could type the final words by early next week. I've also got a stack of books that I want to read and I really need to start editing the first half of BEST ENEMIES. It's in scary shape. It feels like so long ago since I started it. I, erm, kind of forgot what happened in some places.

Shout outs (sorry if I'm forgetting anyone!) to Carrie Ryan, Amanda Ashby and Alyson Noel for some awesome news this week. Woo hoo!

Anyone have weekend plans?

P.S. I will have official super sparkly news of my own to share soon--hopefully next week! :D


Alyson Noel said...

You're almost done?? Um, didn't you just start that like-last week?
Man you're fast!!

As for me, I've got a book signing on Sat and a family wing ding on Sunday!

Have a great weekend--and thanks for the shout out!

Shelly B said...

Just found your blog thanks to another YA blogger who sent me some books this week. I am a book blogger, teacher, who loves YA. I also raise horses and would love to read/review your Canterwood Crest series. Looking forward to following your blog.

shelcows AT gmail DOT com

Mitch said...

Good to hear that your latest Canterwood Crest book is coming along well. I actually just finished the third draft of my first novel today! Woo hoo! Took me about eight months, and now all that's left is a little bit of editing and tightening things up before looking for an agent. Scary stuff.

Keep on writing! Go go go!

Anonymous said...

will someone talk to me!

Angela said...

Hey, I wanted to tell you I saw CC at Bologna. I was going to take a picture for you but everything was so crowded there and a couple of people were meeting in the booth and blocking the camera view!

Glad ur near writing THE END and getting ready to revise. I'm revising my YA and loving all the changes that are happening to this novel!

Stephanie J said...

Yuck, I imagine revisions can be difficult if it's been awhile...but then a good thing too. Fresh eyes and all that, right?

Congrats to Alyson, Amanda, and Carrie!

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