Sunday, January 4, 2009

I feel like Buddy the Elf

Tomorrow, I'm off to my previously mentioned secret PR Ninja activity! :) I'm not complaining about spending a little time away from the computer. Yes, I'm drafting TRIPLE FAULT, but my attention span is awful this week! I get more distracted the closer I get to the TTR release. I feel like Will Ferrell in Elf. There's a scene in the movie when he's eating M&Ms with spaghetti and maple syrup. He might be drinking Coke or coffee, too, but I don't remember. Anyway, he's bouncing off the walls and I'm feeling like that!

Remember to leave a comment here if you want to be entered to win a signed copy of

And yeah, I'm totally aware that my countdown clock has 22 days left. Twenty-two. Must. Ignore. :)


Christina Farley said...

I think spaghetti topped with syrup and M&M's would be my boys version of the perfect food. Maybe you should patent it. :)

Kelly Polark said...

I love, love, love Buddy the Elf. We had spaghetti the other night and my hubby suggested to the kids that they add maple syrup. They wanted to, but I nixed the idea! (Mean Mom!):0)
Hope you had a great Ninja PR adventure!

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