Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Domestic horses being released into the wild

I read this article in the Las Vegas Review Journal about how the hard economic times are affecting some horse owners. Some people in Nevada are actually setting their domestic horses free in the wild. Maybe it's because they can no longer afford them, can't sell them or don't want them. Whatever the case, these are DOMESTIC horses. They're not equipped to survive on their own and the article says many of these horses will die from starvation or even be hit by cars.

Sad. It's just like people turning out cats, dogs, birds, etc. that they no longer want. That's why responsible pet ownership is sooo important.

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Stephanie J said...

Very sad. :( It's upsetting knowing that people are so irresponsible and careless with the lives of their pets.

I heard that the actual wild horse population is growing in TX and someone (an oil tycoon's wife, I believe) just purchased or is in the process of purchasing a million acres for the horses. I never realized that ranchers are paid for allowing wild horses to roam on their land!

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