Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Miley Cyrus to pen memoir

OMG, it's Hannah Montana!

Yahoo! has a headline from yesterday that Miley Cyrus is writing a memoir. Okay, okay, she's only 15 but she probably has quite a lot to tell. Maybe. I'm guessing.

Disney-Hyperion is publishing the book and it will release in spring 2009.

I'm neutral on the topic, I guess. It'll be interesting to see if she's an even bigger star in 2009 or if she has faded like many of the young stars. (Um, Hillary Duff, where are you?)

I haven't read many memoirs. After the James Frey debacle, I did start to look at them in a different way. But I also don't want to skip a genre just because one guy screwed up.

Would you ever write a memoir? I'd love to years from now. I've published lots of personal experience essays and I'm glad I've logged the big moments from my life in print. I'll always have that and it's almost like a public diary of sorts. Over the summer and fall, when I'm in between books, I'll be working on querying more magazines with personal experience pieces and hope I can keep sharing bits and pieces of the different things I've been through with others. :)

So, would you read the Miley memoir? Or would the wondering if it's mostly ghost-written bother you? Read the article here.


Tasha said...

First of all I don't see what the big hype about Miley Cyrus is. Yes she's a star, but it's only because she got really lucky when Disney Channel offered her a job (and it doesn't help that her dad's well known too!). I would much rather read memoirs of authors or influential people than the celebrities who tie up headlines.

On another note it may be interesting to read what she actually has to say about growing up and that. My best friend was actually in class with her for 3rd and 4th grade and mentioned that she really wasn't as stellar as she's made out to be. Reading about her would maybe help give me my own opinion.

To answer your other question, if I would write a memoir, I don't think I would. Even if I became a really important person I think that the life I lead is my life and doesn't necessarily have to be shared with others. But that is not to say that I wouldn't read other people's memoirs, because I sometimes find them fascinating, but I just can't imagine actually writing one myself.

Hopefully that all makes sense! I just have quite a lot to say about this topic:)

PJ Hoover said...

Would I read this memoir? No, but mainly because it's pretty irrelevant from where I am in my life. Would I read other memoirs? Sure. Would I write one? No plans to at this point. I'm glad to have lived a pretty normal life.

Anonymous said...

Lol. No mention about how long the memoir would be? I got half-way through Confessions of an Heiress while my sister was standing in line at Best-Buy. It was actually pretty funny, but less meaty than an average fashion magazine and no where near as engrossing as a well-written novel.

Jessica Burkhart (Jess Ashley) said...

Interesting thoughts, Tasha. How neat that your best friend was in class with Miley. That gives you a different perspective, I'm sure. :)

That's true, PJ, that I bet the buyers will be mostly kids and not adults.

Anon, LOL. Like you, I did the same thing with Paris's book! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh boy. I read this too. In my opinion there probably wasn't a long, hard road to stardom, her dad is famous. I'm sure the memoir will sell well though because the kids who idolize her will buy it. But are we even sure she's going to write it herself? A lot of these books are ghostwritten. Adults will have zero interest in this book, I think.
She's young, the only reason to write it now is because in 2 years she WILL have faded away and no one will give two poops.
It just seems like a waste to me, right now...aside from making her a load of extra money.
Now me...I WOULD have stories to tell. My childhood was full of tragic stories, lessons learned through them, learning to have faith. But no, I probably wouldn't write one.
She's just a little girl, with a famous father, who is having her (really long) 15 minutes of fame. Nice for her that she's had this chance in life, but I'd rather hear the story of a 30 year old who struggled to get to where they are.
That relates more to me.

Sara Hantz said...

I might read it, to see what it's like. It will sell by the truck load, I'm sure. And the publishers think so too as she got a 7 figure advance for it!!

Not planning to write mine, just yet....

Jessica Burkhart (Jess Ashley) said...

I'd definitely read your memoir, April. :)

Ah, so it's still an option, huh Sara ? ;)

Mary Danielson said...

Well, I'm not much of a Miley fan...and only memoirs I read tend to be of the snarky/hilarious variety. And somehow I think the snark factor in Miley's book is not going to be very high! younger sister (eleven) will be thrilled though. Funnier still, my oh-so-macho 16 year-old brother will probably be super excited too. His Hannah Montana addiction is definitely his secret shame...he watches it more than my sister!

Jessica Burkhart (Jess Ashley) said...

Yeah, Mary, I bet Miley's book will be sweet. Very sweet. :)

My brother watches the show with one eye on Saturday morning if I have it on. He pretends to be playing a video game, of course.

Mary Danielson said...

Oh, Jess, Stephanie just sent me this link...and I immediately thought of you.

Our brothers are apparently not alone in the secret teenage Miley love:

So funny.

Stephanie J said...

Here I am, at the ripe ol' age of 22 and I'm a Miley fan! Not so much of her as a person, but I love the songs. I hope I have a daughter someday just so that I can listen to ultra pop-y tween music. I guess I'll add myself to the list of those who live in secret shame! But on the biography... I really don't think it will be that great. Remember all those other pop stars who did one? There wasn't much that happened from it. Plus, if you ever watch the MileyandMandy show on Youtube you'd see that she's really not very different from the average 15 yr. old. I don't think she'll have much to say that's different.

Jessica Burkhart (Jess Ashley) said...

OMG, Mary! That video is hilarious! :)

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