Friday, October 19, 2007

Writing the sequel

In a few weeks, I'm going to start writing the second book in the HJ series. Now, when I wrote book one, I had no outline, no character sheets and no idea where the book was going. This time, I've got a detailed outline, character sheets, a semi-complete timeline and a definite decision as to how the book will end.

It's definitely a different feeling to write a sequel. There's no figuring out who my characters are or determining a location. Sure, I've got to find ways to put fresh spins on those things, but I also know my characters well and that will come in handy during the writing of this next book. It's an odd feeling for a first time sequel writer to start a book already knowing my cast. Know what I mean?

What method do you use when you write? The outline method or go without anything method? Anyone written a sequel before?


Carrie Ryan said...

You know, I'm about to start on a sequel as well. With mine, it's set far enough in the future that I don't think you really have to know much about book 1 so that helps. But I think one of the things that stands out in book 1 is the world and you can't rely on that trick for more than one book. So now I need a new gimmick :)

It's def. interesting to start on the next book in a series!

Btw, did I ever mention that I tought at Foxcroft -- totally a horse dominated school in Virginia. Your book premise so reminds me of those days!

Jessica Burkhart (Jess Ashley) said...

OMG, Carrie, are you kidding me about Foxcroft?? I have their brochures, talked to a couple of students and lightly based my book with on my vision of their school!! That's so crazy! :)

Carrie Ryan said...

Oh yeah -- but I know the dark behind the scenes stuff :)

Jessica Burkhart (Jess Ashley) said...

It's settled. I'm coming to you when I need juicy stories. :)

Carrie Ryan said...

Please do! Boy do I have some good ones :) You're totally welcome to ask me anything!

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