Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Reading List

First: Lipstick Jungle is coming to NBC this fall. Excited anyone? I can't wait!

Second, I looked over my list of books I want to read (it's over 1000 books now!) and decided to start whittling down that pile today. I've been off of the computer most of the day and spent time browing my local library. I came home with Born Confused, a Pretty Little Liars novel (I've never read one) and That Summer. Unintentionally, I also brought home Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix just because I felt the "need" (read: serious want!) to refresh myself on the book's plot before I see the movie this summer. A woman behind me said, "Oh dear, that'll take you all summer to read" and in my head I'm going "I'll have this read over the weekend." That's what happens when I read Harry. I simply can't put it down and stay up way too late reading it. To me, that's the highest compliment to pay an author. Can you imagine how that would feel to have a reader say that to you? :)


Stephanie J said...

How can someone think it would take all summer to read HP?! I think I read HP faster than I've read any other books in my life. You really can't put them down!

--Do you like Scrivener?

Funny story...Mary and I went to a Meg Cabot author discussion/signing last night and we met Brie(sp?) from the Harper contest. How crazy is that?

Jessica Burkhart (Jess Ashley) said...

No kidding about the HP comment! LOL I almost laughed when she said that.

Haven't had time to download Scrivener yet. Will do soon!

No way about meeting Brie! How cool. :)

Kelly (Lynn) Parra said...

That is what happens when I read Sarah Dessen! One of my fave authors. :) :)

Anonymous said...

Wow Jess, 1,000 books you want to read?! Amazing. I just started a list of books I want to read again and I have like 12. When did you start keeping your list of books? Good luck!
I also just devoted a new notebook to keeping track of books I read. I am a slow reader lately. Letting myself get too distraced by tv and the computer. Bad April. LoL.

Jessica Burkhart (Jess Ashley) said...

Kelly, I've only read JUST LISTEN by Sarah, but I have THAT SUMMER and can't wait to read it.

And April, my list has been growing for years! :) I'll never catch up...LOL

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