Thursday, April 5, 2007's 10am on a school day and I'm at home

It's almost 10am on a Thursday and I'm supposed to be in class. Instead, I'm at home working on papers and following up on query letters. Yep, for only the second or third time during my college days I cut class. Bad very bad! :) But, I'm using the time to work ahead and get a few major projects out of the way so I have more time to study during finals. The pace this semester wasn't bad, but I want to be absolutely certain I get killer grades during my last semester. So many seniors in my classes are crying "Oh, I'll miss Big University so much!" I'm with the other transfers who don't have a significant attachment to Big University and am thrilled to get into graduate school or take a year off. I only spent a year at Big U so I don't have the "aw, I'll miss this place" moments. I'll miss my professors (most of them!) but won't sob over graduating.

I'll probably be editing and rewriting over the weekend on my manuscript, so I've got to get this school stuff done now.

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Erica Ridley said...

Good luck getting everything done. Smart to work ahead!

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