Thursday, July 25, 2013

It's PJ time at Victoria's Secret!

I LOVE Victoria's Secret fall/winter PJs! I would (well, did, ahem) max out my VS credit card to get some new PJs for this winter.

Every year, their new pjs are the clothes that Kate and I look forward to the most!

Here's what I ordered today:

Soooo pretty! I love the flannel pink ones with butterflies. The Long Janes in fair isle are also gorge and I adore the icy plaid cotton pants/henley. :)

Anyone else PJ crazy? :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica!

I am a new fan to the Canterwood Crest series. I've read the first five books so far. I am waiting to read Heated, and after I read that I will buy Little White Lies.

I love the series so much. You do an amazing job at putting all the characters together and making the story just mold together. I can't wait to read more.

I've been thinking that the book series would make such great movies, don't you agree? I would love to act in it. I would play any character! Of course, I'd want to play Sasha the most, but if I can't that would be fine too. I just love acting so much!

I am a writer too. I am currently working on something similar to your series. It is about a girl going to a boarding school for equestrians. I am on page 140 something. I can't wait to finish it and type it. Maybe I can even send it to a publisher. It is my life long dream to be published. Do you have any tip for me?

I hope you don't mind that I am posting this comment. It is rather long, but I am just so excited that I found your blog so I can possibly get in contact with you.

When I first read about you after reading the first book, I got so happy. I saw that you have Scoliosis too! I have a brace that I wear, so hopefully I won't go through a surgery for it. But I've gone through some already. I have a lot of health problems and diseases. But I know that God won't give me anything I can't handle, and that is how I made it through everything.

Are you a Christian? If you are that would be awesome. I am a Christian. God bless you!

I think that is actually all that I have left to say. Please reply to this! But if you don't I understand. You must be really busy with writing and all that stuff.

Ok, I'm done! No more boring babbling from me. Thank you for reading, Jessica!


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