Monday, February 18, 2013

Excited for Jealousy!

I'm soooo excited because JEALOUSY releases tomorrow! WOO HOO!

When you grab your copy, def leave a comment and tell me!

**If you write a spoiler about the book, please, for the other members of Team Canterwood, write SPOILER at the beginning of your comment.**

I'll be signing stock copies sometime this weekend at the Park Slope Barnes & Noble. I'll also try to sign some copies around the city next time I'm in Manhattan.

Cheers to book #17! :)



Anonymous said...

I Have been waiting NOT AS LONG as Jessica but I CAN NOT wait 4 this book "Jealousy" 2 come out. I have read the series over and over again and have been waiting 4 what seems 2 be forever. I have decided NOT to look for any sneak peaks so it will be a total suprise and I know If I DO read a sneak peak I'LL WANT IT EVEN MORE! Seting my alarm clock early in the morning 2 read this champion book! An hour earlier 2 be exact!!!!

Anonymous said...


AHHH! I loved Jealousy. Got my copy yesterday at Barnes and Noble. Can't believe Taylor got in :( I'm okay with it, I guess. I loooooved LT and Drew's first kiss ;) it was better in the pool than it could have been at Lauren's party, in my opinion. I cannot believe BRIELLE (out of all people) got in!! I'm a little confused though, because maybe Ana will be mad her two besties are away at some fancy boarding school without her. To be honest, I wish Bri didn't come to Canterwood. I liked how it was Lauren's fresh start..... Then Yates kids come in to the picture. But, I guess we'll see how things turn out in FAMOUS.
Great job on Jealousy! Counting down the days till Famous. June seems so far away :'(

Nora said...

Hey Jess! I'm getting my copy at midnight. LOL, I always pre-order it on my nook and stay up till midnight and read it! Can't wait!

CRocks said...

Ahhh! I'm sick and my Kindle just broke, so I haveto get better and THEN go to Barnes and Noble. You don't even know how mad I am that I even have to wait five minutes to get the best book from the best series by the best author ever! I'm dying to see what happens!
P.S. I do have a CCAfan blog, csn you please click on my name and look at it? Thanks Jess, love ya!

Anonymous said...

i got it today and i'm loving it! def one of best CC books ever :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! I got the book yesterday in Canada and finished it! I looooveedd Drew and Lauren's first kiss! ahhh!!! So cute!

One thing that confused me was when Khloe found out Mr. Conner broke his leg while out on the advanced team hack. If memory serves me correctly...this happened in one of Sasha's books when she was in Gr.7....???

Anyway, the book was amaaaazing!!!

Anonymous said...

I got it today! I haven't started it yet though...

Anonymous said...

Yay! I just finished and totally loved Jealousy :)
I probably looked deranged when I rushed into Barnes and Noble the second the doors opened, ran to the counter and asked for my pre-ordered copy haha XD

I don't want to put any spoilers in my comment, but I loved this book as much as and possibly more than all the other Lauren books.

Alexis said...


OMG! I loved the book, "Jealousy"! I can't believe that Taylor got in and I thought it was romantic when Drew and Lauren kissed in the pool. I also can't believe that Bri got into Canterwood! It's weird, that 2 of Laurens friends are now in Canterwood. I wonder if Ana will now come to Canterwood, because 2 of her friends are now in Canterwood. Hmmm..... I wish the books came out faster than they do, life would be a lot simpler.

Anonymous said...


I can't believe that Taylor got in! In book #16, When Taylor kissed Lauren, and the book ended, I obsessed about it to my mom. When Drew asked Lauren if she would like to swim with him, I said in my mind, "OMG! LT is going to see drew SHIRTLESS!" It only took a few sentences for her to realize this...
I loved the book, the kiss, and I honestly thought that it was weird that Brielle got into Canterwood! I wonder if that will affect LT and KK's friendship... But I tots luuuved the book!

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