Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Editor K's birthday in a month

We'll see if we can keep this a SECRET, but . . . Editor Kate's birthday is in a month--November 10th.

As you guys know, she has been very, very sick since May 2010 (a very long time now) and yet she's continued to edit the Canterwood books from home. How amazing is that? She loves the series so much and we're all incredibly lucky to have her play such a huge role role in Canterwood Crest.

This is where you come in.

By November 7th, I'd love to have thoughts from Team Canterwoood to give as a present from you to Kate.

**You can leave a comment on this post, email me (use something like "Kate's bday" in the subject so I can find it easily), or send me a letter/drawing in the mail.

For snail mail:

Jessica Burkhart
C/O Simon & Schuster
1230 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020

For email:

jess _ burkhart AT hotmail DOT com

Write whatever you'd like--even a "Happy birthday, Editor K!" is *perfect.* I am trying to collect as many birthday wishes/thank yous from Team Canterwood to give K on her birthday. It will mean so, so much to her. I'm asking for your help because I'm usually the one to get the fan mail as the author of CC. But what you don't know is how hard Kate works on the books. The series would NOT exist without her. So many of the ideas in the series would never have played out if she hadn't brainstormed with me. Giving her a little love from the best readers ever would be ahhh-mazing. She is my best friend and I'd love to give her this gift. :)

I heart you all!



CRocks said...

Dear Kate,
Without you, Canterwood and Jess wouldn't be the way they are now! You are so brave and whenever I think I've got it hard, I'm going to remember you and how you are so determined thoughout everything. Best wishes.
-CRocks aka Claire

Happy Birthday Kate' said...

Happy birthday Kate!
The Canterwood series are phenomenal an would be nothing without you! You're such a great person! I hope you get well and know that everyone out here loves you!

Love, Olivia

Aly and Bella said...

Here's an idea for a present for kate: A painting of a horse! If she likes horses nearly as much as you do, she will LOVE it. Another idea is high end fashion boots. Only because you guys both do the blog Violet and Ruby, it sounds like something she would love. Last idea: That pink ipod you were selling on ebay. Idk if it got sold or not but that would be a wonderful gift. Hope you like my ideas and I will come back with more when I think of them! Also cant wait to see who the guest blogger is!!!!

Hugs, Aly

~Amy~ said...

Dear Kate,
Happy, Happy Birthday! You're such an inspiring person; caring about your BFF and a book series that much to take time (even when your sick) to edit an amazing series. You're a truly amazing person. Thank you. Hope your birthday is the best one yet!
fellow hopeful author and fan,
Amy :)

Addie Keefer said...


The fact that you take time to edit Canterwood Crest even when your sick in bed means so much to me and I'm sure Jess as well. You are an amazing editor and I am so thankful Jess has you to edit the books! May this be your best birthday ever!

Addie :)

Ariah said...

Dear Kate,

MaryKate said...

andussDear Kate,
Happy Birthday! The Canterwood books wouldn't be half as good without your "sparkly" edits! Thanks so much for making my favorite series even better! Feel better and keep rocking!

Love, MaryKate M.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kate ,
Canterwood woluedn;t be what it is without you. So happy B-dayI hope you feel better soon! my best wigshes.

@LovindaHorses said...

Happy Birthday Kate! Hope it's the best you could ever have, because without you, Canterwood wouldn't exist! Thanks for helping create one of the greatest horse series there is :)

Anonymous said...

Girlie, without u my life would SUCK! LOL! U rock! Mwah Mwah! I LOVE YOU!U have made CCA rock in SO many ways! I will email 2! Keep doing what u do best!
PS. U r the best partner in crime EVER!!!!!!!!

Kea said...

Hey Kate! Happy birthday! You are one of the reasons why Canterwood is so awesome. Hope you have a great birthday and have fun :)

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