Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Author Stock Photos

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Welcome to Author Stock Photos!
What's this site for?

 Author Stock Photos are pictures taken with self-publishing authors in mind to aid in book cover creation. ASP are shot with an 18 mega-pixel camera (full camera detail in future post). The photos are covered with a watermark until they are purchased for use.

How much per photo?
No matter what photo you choose, there is a flat rate fee of $2 USD. That's a huge savings! Consider one site's photo rates: 
Your images never expire because they will be downloaded onto your computer. 
How do I buy one?
I only accept payment through PayPal. If you are interested in a photograph, e-mail me at authorstockphotos AT gmail DOT com with the number(s) of the photo(s) you're interested in. I'll e-mail you back with my PayPal e-mail address.
What kind of photos will be available?
I'm striving for a large variety! I live in New York City and will be photographing many districts of the city as well as areas of Brooklyn. Some of my most recent photographs have included pictures of a cemetery, horses and carriages in Central Park, blooming flowers, and a night shot of the Brooklyn skyline. 
How often will the site be updated? 
Often. I'll begin uploading photos immediately. I also take photo requests if you have a particular image in mind for your book cover. Give me as much detail as possible so I can strive for the image you want. I may NOT be able to accommodate all requests based on where I live, seasons, etc., but I'll do my best to work out something. 
Requested photos, which I'll send five sample pics to you, will cost $10 each.  

Is it of any benefit to you?
How many times have you (including myself!) visited a royalty-free photo Website? Maybe you've spent hours combing through expensive photos only to settle for a picture that "kind of works." It's my hope to provide inexpensive photos of the highest quality. Each photo will be taken with a "could this be part of a book cover?" mentality. No other royalty-free photo Website thinks of authors first!
The photos are also available for use on author Websites, promotional material, book trailers, etc. Endless possibilities!
That's the brief bit about Author Stock Photos! I can't wait to get the site filled with pictures!
Here are five photos shot last week so you can see what's to come!
1. Just before a storm at a cemetery (Brooklyn, NY) 8/30/12

2. Crane-like flower bud (Brooklyn, NY) 8/30/12

3. Dirt covered hand  (Brooklyn, NY) 8/30

4. Iron gate (Brooklyn, NY) 8/30

5. Tree stump hidden by grass (Brooklyn, NY) 8/30

To celebrate ASP kick-off, all of the above photos are for sale at half-price! 
Woot $1!  
Many, many more photos to come and don't forget to send requests. I hope this endeavor helps self-published authors find the cover image they've been searching for!

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