Thursday, August 30, 2012

Masquerade release AND secrets spilled!

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I can't believe it's almost time for MASQUERADE! As Lauren would say, oh mon Dieu! I had SO much fun writing this book--there's a party, a masked guest, riding drama and everything Canterwood. Plus, it's coming out so soon after COMEBACK. That made me think of the "old days" when I had to write a CC book about every 6 weeks so they could pub bi-monthly. Wow, LOL. 

Another book that I'm CRAZY thrilled about is HOME FOR CHRISTMAS. It's going to be the last in the series--don't get me started or I'll get all teary! But I'm going to give you, the best readers in the whole world, two early secret sneak peeks about the final Canterwood Crest book.

* The tag line: (applaud Kate for this!) Canterwood's It-Girls look dashing in the snow . . . 


There will be a reunion of the New Class AND the Old Class! THAT'S RIGHT! You'll see Miss Sasha Silver, Callie, Jacob, Eric, Heather, Brit--all of my beloved stars of books 1-12. They won't play a minor role, either. 

So, there you go! I'm going to spend months writing HOME FOR CHRISTMAS so that it's every bit as epic as I imagine it to be. I also want to give you, Team Canterwood, the series ending that you deserve. I'll be listening to Christmas music this summer when I write this book, LOL.


Kea said...

I am freaking out!!!!!!! Who is the mysterious girl!!!! I am so excited for this book to come out that i am going to pre order it on my kindle. I am also SUPER excited for the old and new crew to be together! yay! You are an amazing author Jess!!! Team Canterwood all the way :)

Emma said...

Ohmigosh, Sasha and Co. in the final book? Hurray! I've missed them, even though I love Lauren and her group. That will be the perfect end to a wonderful series.

Lauryn G said...

Wow! Totally awesome! Sasha is coming back! Wahoo! That will be awesome, Jessica!

I can't wait to read that book!
It stinks that, that is the last book though. I sort of understand. I use to write horse book series, (not publish them)and when I finished it... I was SO sad!
I was like, "I'm finished with my characters?!"

But your books are great. Keep up the amazing work Jess!

Anonymous said...

omg! i can't wait believe Sasha & Co. are coming back!! yay!!! i'm so excited for Masquerade, Jealousy, and Perfect to keep me company in the meantime while I wait for October 2013 :)

@LovindaHorses said...

Ahh! That's so great! But I still haven't even gotten Comeback yet! D:

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