Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ideas, ideas, and more ideas

The past two days have been CRAZY in the creativity department.

I'm furiously working on Canterwood #16 (MASQUERADE) and it's my main focus. I'm about to write a chapter that, well, is going to shake Lauren's world. Canterwood won't be the same after this night. That, of course, makes me super eager to start the next book, JEALOUSY, to start writing this new dynamic into Canterwood.

But . . .

I e-mailed Finn Fan a while ago about this idea for a new series that I had after talking to Kate. I've written down a 1-2 line synopsis for--and here's where it's wrong, LOL--EIGHT books. They would be chapter books, so much shorter than CC. But geeze, it's Writer Rule #1 that I learned--don't write about a sequel if the first isn't already sold. So, what does that look like if I have loose plot ideas for eight? Eeep. At least I didn't write eight unsold books. Then it would be time to send me off to Author Rehab.

On the YA front, I've got two ideas that are at the top of my list. I'd love to keep them in the family, so to speak, and I've got a full summary for Project #1. I just need sample chapters then I can send it off.

Project #2 came in one of those rare, organic moments today. Kate and I were talking and got on a very random topic that sparked something in my brain. I told Kate the plot idea, half-cringing that I'd actually said it aloud because I NEVER talk about an idea that fast. I usually take my time to mull it over, really think if it's a good idea or if *I'm* the only one who would think so. I almost fell off the bed when K said, "Write it down."

And I did. I mean, it's just a half page that gives the basic idea. But there's something about this YA that excites me SO much. Obviously, since I blurted it out the second I had the idea. :)

What's everyone else working on?


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