Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hello, NaNoWriMo 2011!

Ahh, NaNoWriMo is in the air! November 1st brings one of my favorite times of year--the month where hundreds of thousands of crazy writers try to write 50,000 words in a month.

I've been NaNoing since 2006 and my first NaNoNovel was TAKE THE REINS--the book that started the Canterwood series!

Here's what I've learned about NaNo:

FACT: You will consume more caffeine than you ever have.

FALSE: Your book won't be worth editing because you wrote it in a month.

FACT: You've got to write FAST. This forces you to turn off your inner editor. Buh-bye little editorial voice!

FALSE: On December 1st, your book will be perfect! Time to query agents or submit it to your editor if you have one already.

FACT: There are many NaNo critics. That's fine. To each his own. But I love NaNo!

FALSE: You've got to wait for the "perfect" time to do NaNo. This year's just too busy.

FACT: There will never be a perfect time to write a book. Life happens. Let it while you write a book!

FALSE: You need to invest in fancy software.

FACT: Use MS Word or whatever program came with your computer.

FALSE: You're too old. Or too young.

FACT: No one's too old or too young to write a novel.

I wish you ALL the best of luck this November. Get out there and rack up those words! I'll be NaNoing for the first couple of weeks of the month, but then I have to switch to editing for my POPULAR deadline.

Check out lots of tips on NaNo's Website that will offer much more help/advice.

Special shout out to the man who made it all possible, Chris Baty.

Go NaNoers!


DancingQueen said...

I've never heard of NaNo month! I'll try it hahahaha but everyone from HorseMystic who reads this is just gunna roll their eyes lol because I'm known for starting like 10 books at once and then getting bored and not finishing any of them....

Adina H. said...

cool that sounds like fun, maybe i'll finally sit down and work on this story im workin on, Elvine

Katharine Swan said...

I love NaNo! I've been doing it every year since 2006, and though I only finished that first year, I have a blast with it every November! I attend the kickoff party, write-ins, and other local events, so I like to catch up with my NaNo friends every year. And actually, NaNoWriMo's list of published NaNo novels is how I found out about YOU! :o)

Lucia said...

I'm so excited! I'm doing NaNo on my own b/c I forgot to register for the site! oh well.

Anonymous said...

Ugh...I'm in the ADULT NaNo at age eleven!!! Whatever... they all say my ideas are amazing!! That's pretty good for such little girl. Here's my prologue; comments, please!!!
(It's bad, I know... don't be too harsh!)

The rope was ready. It swayed gently in the calm forest breeze, awaiting it's next victim. The crowd eagerly looked toward the tall, wrought-iron gates, searching for any sign of movement within. For a while, nothing. At last, the rustic latch was opened with a sharp creak. Two knights walked out, both dragging one prisoner. The people rushed to catch a glimpse of the infamous witch, but stepped back when they saw what had become of her. The once vivid black hair was almost completely gray; her face hollowed and tired. The whites of her eyes were red as the blood that stained her back. Her brown rags she wore were tattered and ripped, and her feet bare. As she was dragged along the dirt path she mumbled a silent prayer, hoping God could erase the bad she had done. She was thrust upon the log steps, and was whipped once as an order to climb up.The lashing was continued every few steps, causing her to grow weaker and weaker by the minute. When she reached the top, she fell on the wooden plank, crying. The knights dragged her once more, this time to a rope, and laced it around her frail neck. Several people snickered as one pushed the girl off the plank. The ragged witch hung, and before the last breath was forced out, her clenched hand opened, dropping a small crimson pearl. Dropping the present that had turned into a curse to the most secluded part of the world.

Connie said...

I'll try NaNo this year! Although I do tend to start novels and never finsih them becasue I run out of ideas...I'm not all that creative when it comes to writing fantasy books...

Carrie said...

I've done NaNo twice. You're absolutely right about the age thing. My first NaNo I was 15, and though my book was pretty much worthless, it was such a good experience, and last year's book was great. Good luck to all fellow NaNoers!

Anonymous said...

Ur pep talk was GREAT!!

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