Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Working on a super special suprise for TC!

Because you guys are so awesome and I totally <333 my readers, I'm writing something special for YOU. And just for you. I'm working on it now (slowly as I'm still getting over the flu--ick!), but it'll be ready as soon as I can.


It's Canterwood related.

Boys. Or one boy. :)

Also, I finally re-joined Publishers Marketplace--it's a dual page for Kate and me. I'm excited to be able to talk about Violet & Ruby and my WIP. I'm getting ready to look for an editor who might be interested, so if you're curious about it, definitely check out my PM page. (I'm unagented, but have 20 MG books under contract.) Kept, my YA novel, has 40 pages and a synopsis. It's in verse form and I'd label it as The Glass Castle or The Riches meets Ellen Hopkins. Send me an e-mail if you're an editor who'd like to see the proposal.

Back to working on superfun boy project. Much love and many thanks for all the get well wishes!


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