Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Friday!

Last night was awesome! Went to Madison Square Garden with Editor K and J.R. Angelella to see Kathy Griffin. I totally heart her show and it was the coolest thing to see her in person. Pics are on my Twitter feed and Facebook.

Back to writing now and prepping for a day-long writing marathon tomorrow. I'm superexcited about this book--it'll be the introduction of a new character, Brit, and there will be DRAMA! :)

Turned in one of my two articles, so I've got to finish the second one soonish and hand that in. The next few months are going to be a blur--going to Florida, Oklahoma and Utah for conferences. I'm not speaking in Utah--it'll actually be like a vacay! *gasp* Do not want to think about the last time I took an actual vacation. Ummm...? No clue. But the Florida trip gives me an excuse to shop--I need a swim suit as the fab hotel has an outdoor pool (likely going to be too cold), BUT there's also a whirlpool. Love.

Back to writing! Happy Friday everyone!

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