Friday, October 2, 2009

How I wrote ALL day--not!

Last night I decided that today I'd get up super early, write a lot and then keep writing. Umm...yeah. Didn't happen today. Instead, it went something like this:

6am: Evil alarm on Blackberry. I snooze it for 5 mins.

6:05am. Evil alarm on Blackberry. Snooze for 5 more mins.

The next time? Reset for an hour. Will try again at just after 7am.

7am still a no-go.

I finally start moving around 8-something, only to fall back asleep until 9:40. Twenty minutes before an interview with Taylor at Girlz Like Me.

I wake up, panic and try not to sound as if I'd been sleeping when I called her at 10am. Of course, I totally did.

The rest of the day? I grabbed the R to Target and spent waaay too much time in the Halloween aisle. Plus, I needed winter clothes 'cause I've been borrowing hoodies from BFF and I found some awesome stuff including 2 pairs of boots. One for dressy stuff (with heels) and the other for walking to the subway. The subway steps are crazy icy in the winter (I was in NYC for a few days in Jan) and slipping is not an option.

I somehow ended up with enough stuff that I couldn't take the train back. Hello, taxis waiting outside of Target. Love them.

I got back and it was just after 2. Spent the rest of the day trying on clothes and, um, hanging the twinkly Halloween lights I got. I meant to go to the post office to mail books, postcards, etc to winners, but I missed them. They're closed tomorrow, so you guys will get your stuff put in the mail on Monday.

Tomorrow is hard core lock down day. It's supposed to pour/storm all day and to prevent myself from being distracted in my own apt, I'm going to my friends' apt and am planning to shut myself inside and write, only stopping for an occasional Red Bull or meal. The plan is to be out the door at six or earlier if I can be super-awesome. *wills self to make it happen* :)

How's everyone's weekend?


Nat said...


Anonymous said...

lol, everyone needs a down dayy!

Katie said...

I have the same problem. LOL on the weekends I think I'm going to get to writewritewrite a lot, but I end up with the same word count I started with.

And for school, I keep on snoozing my alarm clock, and eventually I only have 15 min. to get ready.

I feel your pain....
Bug Best Enemies is almost here! I'm going shopping on Saturday and I'll try to look if it is in the mall

Katie said...

Oops, my mistake. I thought Best Enemies came out Oct. 9. Sorry. :) But only a few more weeks till it releases

Anonymous said...

ugh u know what you mean about the alarm clock i hate them i have to wake up at six thirty every morning for school!! and if i dont get right up my dad gets mad!! i hate i love to sleep so i never want to get up soo weekend kinda sucks i missed my volleyball game and i am sick i have been sick sense thurs and im rly bored and i have to work on my country report

Adina said...

My weekend is ok, my mom did my hair, and I hate that. I don't care a thing about my hair. I understand how u feel Jess, I hate waking up early. I am not a mornining person.

Jill said...

good i guess kinda board and mad that i didn't win going make my self happy and watch rent :) !!

floppers257 said...

I hate getting up too. the same thing happened to me one time during the summer, and I missed my horsebackriding lesson!!! Can't wait for Best Enemies to get here!:)

Bri Meets Books said...

The best part of this entry was how I realized there's Targets in NYC. I DID NOT KNOW THIS and was wondering how I'd survive, should I move there.

And you still did an interview!

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