Friday, August 7, 2009

Weekend plans

I've got the weekend planned in a very crazy list-like way. Okay, more like an obsessive way, but moving on...My list looks something like this:

(Hee! Funny, right?! Although, I'm totally not into Jasper, but it's cute.)

* Barnes & Noble run. I'm going out of town soon and need a sparkly plane book. I'll take the book and will leave it in my suitcase until the trip. No reading of book until the trip.

At B&N, maybe they'll have copies of Triple Fault to sign. If not, perhaps copies of the other books that I signed have sold and there are new ones. If not? Devastation, LOL. Imagine if every single copy I signed a while ago is still there. Hmmm...maybe I don't want to know! :)

* Write a *massive* chunk of Rival Revenge. Like, a supercrazy word count goal that will have a reward at the end if I hit it. Reward? Undecided. Suggestions are welcome.

* Finish Crank. My first Ellen Hopkins book and I'm in love with her writing. Plus, if you follow her on Twitter, she's the NICEST person ever. Seriously.

* Walk around the park. Haven't done that in a while. Kinda thinking walking to the subway or friends' apartment doesn't count as exercise. Sad. But I'm already making excuses as to why I won't do this because I'm, you know, on a deadline and have to work. That makes it okay.

* Start and finish final edits on Little White Lies.

* Hardcore apartment cleaning.

* Judge more entries for Girls' Horse Club fiction contest.

* Reply to reader email.

And that's some of the list. What about you guys?


nisha said...

Hey Jessica,

Yeah I did my crazy word count goal yesterday. 11K words, baby! Today, I plan on going to the beach but I doubt that's going to happen. I have a feeling revisions are going to come in from my editor. bleh.

If you're into gothic fantasy, try 'prophecy of the sisters' because that was awesome. I still have to read 'along for the ride' by sarah dessen. That's on my to-do list. and i wanted to pick up the book 'wings' or 'surface tension.'

Okay, my plans for the weekend which may or may not include the beach depending on if edits come in, writers meeting tomorrow, trying some good food in nyc, and hanging out with my folks.

Hey, i hung out with robyn schneider a few days ago and she mentioned that you guys know each other. next time she comes into the city, maybe we can all go hang out?

have fun with your bn trip! (p.s., mad coupons for members this weekend! make sure you check before you go). ttyl.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica!
I also have a HUGE list to finish:)

-Finish my first novel

-Finish GHC Fiction Competition short story

-outline first book of my first horse series, Prixton Academy

-type, edit and find an agent/publish my first novel =)

-call all my friends before summer's over

-write all weekend and week

Eeek! I have tons of things to do and not a lot of time.. I hope I can finish everything by next week.

Wish me luck!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica,

Even though you have a long to do list, most of it sounds fun. :) Today mine basically consisted of cleaning my room, my office, cleaning out my closet, and a lot of other house related things. :P

I may be going again to see if Barnes and Nobles has Triple Fault (last time they didnt :( ) but it all depends on my parents.

I'm also trying to write a novel, actually me and my friend are having a competition who can write one quicker starting tomorrow!

And yeah, I also have to work on my Girls Horse Club competition entry, the dead line is soon! Hopefully I'll get that finished today.

~Michelle (Foal's Corral? Remember me?)

Unknown said...

Today I plan on doing tons of writing. Well, more like brainstorming. Haha i need an idea before since i just finished the final edits in my novel about horses (what else?);) have a good day.

I begged my mom to buy me triple fault on amazon and she bought that plus Rival Revenge and Little Qhite Lies! Score!! haha

Jessica Burkhart (Jess Ashley) said...

Hey Nisha,

Wooow, 11k ROCKS!! That's insane. I've heard a lot about Prophecy of the Sisters and I really want to try it.

I'll def check on those B&N coupons--thanks for the heads up! :)

Kathryn, I have no doubt that you'll get soo much done. Good luck!

Hey Michelle!

Of course I remember you. That's such a cool idea about you and your friend having a writing contest. Keep me posted on how it goes. :)


Whoa! You totally scored on Amazon! Yay to your mom, LOL! ;)

CanterwoodCrestCrazy said...

Since its a cloudy and rainy day, I'll be doing a lot of relaxing. Including writing.

*think of novel ideas

*outline novel

*watch tv and relax haha

Anonymous said...

Woah! 11K words! Congrats on that one, Nisha! Wow. My day consists of a lot of writing. First I'm going to outline and develop the characters of my newest novel, then I'm going to start the first chapter and try to get 2,000 or 3,000 words in by the time my mom kicks me off the laptop. haha. After that I'm going to take a break and read for a little more inspiration if I'm stuck. I doubt that will happen because there are about a million (or about 9,900 less than that) ideas floating around in my head, and i cant wait to get started with it! Today is a pretty normal day, so the rest if the day i will be writing, reading, or watching tv.

Crave for Canterwood Crest said...

That sounds so busy! I just got Triple Faults today! It is the best 1 you have written.

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