Tuesday, November 11, 2008

LOL--The Twilight Fans are going crazy!

I just saw an article on MSN that reported more than 3000 Twilight fans showed up at a San Fran mall to see Robert Pattinson. Police had to cancel the event because of safety reasons, lol.

Twilight mania is everywhere! I saw Rob on Access Hollywood last night and, according to him, he proposed to Kristen a few times on set. He then proposed to a couple of girls he can't remember and he was totally serious--but laughing at himself.

On Heroes last night, they had a Twilight sneak peak (which I'd seen, but okay). I also read in Entertainment Weekly that Twilight must gross $20 million in the opening weekend to make accountants happy. It also must earn $150 million for New Moon to get the green light.

And that's your dose of Twilight news! :D

Read the San Fran article here!


Mitch said...

I just saw this on Yahoo! News. Just insane.

Getting overrun by a mob of raging teenage girls has to be up there in my top ten biggest fears.

Heather Harper said...

He is here in Dallas today and I couldn't stalk him because I had to be a good volunteer at the school this morning. ;-)

And no cameras are allowed at these events. What's up with that?

Shooting Stars Mag said...

whoah...that's a ton of people. bummer it was canceled, but it makes sense!!!

i hope the movie does well. i really want the rest of them to be made. i'll be seeing it opening day though..and probably a few more times after that! LOL


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