Wednesday, November 7, 2007

National Novel Writing Month: Day 7

Brr! It got down to the low 40s last night, so I'm sitting wrapped in a blanket on my couch and typing away for NaNo. Yes, it does get freezing cold in FL, believe it or not. ;)

I've been thinking a lot about my target word count for this MG novel. It's going to be 58-60k, so there will be much more typing after NaNo, but at least I've got the bulk of it down on paper. Anyone else have a target word count?

Oooh, I forgot to mention that HBO invaded my town this week to make a movie about Florida's election (how seriously embarrassing) in 2000. Kevin Spacey, the guy who played Doyle on Gilmore Girls and a couple of other stars are filming downtown. If I could actually get around the barricades downtown, I'd definitely check it out, but everything is roped off. Humpf. :)


Eva Longoria Parker handed out pizza to writers on strike as Desperate Housewives shut down production. No new talks are scheduled for writers and studios. I wish I was in NYC or LA to join them!


Stephanie J said...

Oh Florida and their election... ;)

So I haven't been following the strike like you, but how seriously is Hollywood taking this strike? No new talks? No progress? Shouldn't they be meeting at all times? Forgive me if these are stupid questions...

Nano Update: Panic moment occurred this morning when I was unable to open my document in any program (word, text edit, wordpad, etc.) but I figured out how to save it. Whew! I thought I wrote a lot more than I actually did last night, but at least the WC is still moving, right? Btw, hadn't ever considered YA before so I don't know what the target length of my novel will be. I'm guessing somewhere in the 60k range.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess! I'm not taking part in Nano this year (obvious reasons), but I wanted to say that I am very proud of you! Keep writing!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I tried to write you directly, but my e-mail kept bouncing.

I'm very impressed with you and your website. Your upcoming books sounds great for the middle-school horsey set. I'm sure we'll be buying it. I'll also include a review on my blog if I can remember.

I want to read more about your writing and your riding.

Congrats on your Nano progress. I'm so far behind I'm not sure I'll catch up.....

Jessica Burkhart (Jess Ashley) said...

Oh, Steph! You scared me there for a minute when I thought you lost your file! Whew! And no, both sides are holding their ground and aren't scheduling talks.

Thank you, Em!

Hi, Anne! Thank you for stopping by! I'm addicted to your blog, so I'll be checking back quite often. :)

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