Friday, September 14, 2007

Edits, oh edits

I've been editing really hard this week and got through a huge chunk of pages. Yay! :) That feeling of "Oh my, I'm getting closer to the end!" is exciting! For a while, I wasn't writing or editing up to my own standards and now I hit my stride. I'll be working through the weekend and will be breaking for the Emmys on Sunday night. Can't wait. Gorgeous gowns, dashing men, crying behind stage after winning....all good. ;)

Are you in the middle of edits? If so, how're they going? Do you have any Emmy favs? I'm pulling for Grey's, Desperate and Ugly Betty.

* Happy Birthday, Em and Samah!


Emily Marshall said...

Uh...I'm in the middle of edits and feel your pain! I'm just starting ANOTHER edit, so I have a ways to cross the almost to the end feeling. But I've edited this manuscript so many times, that I frequently want to through it across the room (oh wait, I about did, just there).

I'm giving myself a fast deadline, so I can power through this edit and hopefully don't have to look at it for a few months while I work on my new WIP that I keep trying to write, but have to put down to do yet ANOTHER edit on the project I'm submitting to agents now.

Hope your's goes well! :) In a strange way, it's always nice to hear another people going through the same thing. It's like a little Edit Club!

Jessica Burkhart (Jess Ashley) said...

Oh, don't hack it across the room, Emily! LOL :)

It definitely is nice to hear about other people's progress on their edits. It's such a different thing than writing. It really is. Here's to our Edit Club!

Sara Hantz said...

Yes, I'm editing my latest...... and when the end is in sight it's such an awesome feeling!!

Grey's DH and UB work for me too. I LOVE those shows.

Erica Ridley said...

I just finished edits of one book and this week move on to edits of another, so I totally feel your pain!!! =)

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