Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Plan

I'm looking ahead and planning each month of the year I won't be in school. Pathetic, I know. But, I have this fear of wasting time and I'm the type of person who has to be working all of the time. I'm a complete work-a-holic and I fidget if I sit still. So, the official list is shaping up like so:

12 Months of No School (sort of)

* Enroll in UCF's online writing classes
* Take and pass the GRE (the math practice is gonna kill me!)
* Sell my manuscript (hopefully!)
* Write a new YA (darker, edgier)
* Write a screenplay (the plotting is now underway)
* Write a spec TV episode (I think "General Hospital" for a soap and "Desperate Housewives" for primetime)
* Sell as many articles as possible (That means a least a query a day- I've never accomplished that before)
* Read a million (or zillion) books

Ah, now that I see that in print, I feel better. :) Share your summer plans!


Erica Ridley said...

Wow, those are some crazy goals! Not sure I can compete with that. Here are mine:

* Pen a subversive manifesto
* Develop a plot for world dominance
* Recruit some (sexy) henchmen
* Become an evil overlord (in stilletos)

Oh--wait--those are my secret plans. My declassified writer plans are:

* Plot the 2nd Nether-Netherland book
* Revise Touched (my 3rd book)
* Get agent for TATTF (my 4th book)
* Attend RWA National Conference
* Pitch agent/editor at said conference (if I don't already have one--think positive!!)
* Finish programming my chapter web site
* Design/Create a group blog for the Manuscript Mavens
* Write 2nd Nether-Netherland book (once it's all plotted & stuff)
* Attend every local chapter meeting in 2007 (unless I'm on my honeymoon)
* Some way, some how, devise and attend a writer retreat even if my CPs and I make one up ourselves and camp out at the Holiday Inn

Emily Hendricks said...

*Land agent. It will happen.
*Transfer schools either in August or December.
* Learn to sleep more.
* Write a Law and Order episode (not to sell, I just want to do it.)
* Start working on sequel to my first YA.

Yes, I am ambitious. I may also be insane.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great plan! Best of luck to you. As for my summer plans, lots and lots of reading -- my "academic" list alone looks like this:

- Warrior Queens
- Oliver Twist
- Northanger Abbey
- Madame Bovary
- Roxana: the Fortunate Mistress
- Alias Grace
- Shakespeare’s sonnets
- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Hey ... how did that last one sneak into the "academic reading" list? Well, in any case, I can't wait! (For my summer reading, not Harry Potter -- although that includes Harry Potter ... ... hmm.)

Oh, and hopefully by that point I will also be waiting to hear from round one of the agents. ^_^

Jessica Burkhart (Jess Ashley) said...

Great goals, Erica! Count me in on the henchmen recruitment... :)

Tori, I'm going to pine away for Harry once the final book is published. So sad!

Unknown said...

That plan sounds beautiful, and unfortunately, nothing like mine. I still have one year and a little over before I finish college. But I do want to finish my manuscript and the sequel to it since I'm hoping for a trilogy. I want to pitch to agents and really open myself up more to the online writing community.

Read books and more importantly, take things a little less seriously.:)

Jessica Burkhart (Jess Ashley) said...

Gaby, that doesn't sound bad at all. Personally, I'd like to worry less about the future and enjoy the present. :) I'm behind you on embracing the online writing community. There are more outlets for writers online than I ever realized.

Stephanie J said...

Considering how freakishly organized I am about some things (including my schedule) it's surprising I haven't come up with a list for the year! I suppose it's because I truly can't plan for anything after June until mid-May comes. Blah! In a non-timeline sense, I'd like to:

* Finish my WIP
* Read, read, read! (Tori...I'm right there with you on HP!)
* Attend the RWA conference if I'm still in the city
* Start working through my pile of unfinished works

That's all I can think of right now! I'm interested to see how everyone's year turns out. :)

Jessica Burkhart (Jess Ashley) said...

Em, I would have published your comment earlier but it just now came through. How very late! And you're not insane, we're gonna work through our crazy writing goals together. I'm so pumped to learn you're writing TV, too. :)

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