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West Coast Prep: an all new equestrian e-novella series!

West Coast Prep: a new e-novella series coming 2014

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s time for something a little different around here. Oh, say, a new e-novella horse series, perhaps?

You asked for it and you’ve got it!

Coming next year, you’ll meet twelve year old Fallon Black, princess of California and a A-level rider.

Fallon, who rode before she could walk, attends the prestigious West Coast Prep—an equestrian boarding school in California.

For years, Fallon’s had her sights set on one of our favorite East Coast riders, Sasha Silver.

But Fallon’s obsession with being better than Sasha is causing Fallon to overlook one very important rider who is just about to dethrone Fallon: Grace Holt. Fallon’s stepsister and her pony are nipping at Fallon’s heels.

Grace, a year younger than Fallon, attends West Coat Prep, too. Unlike Fallon, Grace doesn’t follow Sasha’s every move. Instead, she follows her sister’s.

Sit deep in your saddle and hold tight.

"West Coast, represent and put your hands up"—as Katy Perry sings.

It’s time to delve into the world of equestrians who train with pop stars, fellow students who spend winter break in Aspen, and a boarding school where everyone rides.

Competition. Never. Stops.

In 2014, pack your suitcase because we’re going to California!

Take a look at two candid photos below! The first is Grace and her pony, Billy. Grace is a model for West Coast Prep as well as a beyond accomplished rider. But you’d never know unless you asked or watched her ride. You don’t meet anyone more modest than Grace.

Gracie and Billy

Lexi and Contero (they celebrated their one-year anniversary this Christmas!)

Lexi is the face of Fallon Black.

In real life, just like Gracie, Lex is an accomplished rider who would rather talk about anything than her wall full of blue ribbons and shelves full of trophies.

Lexi and Contero are a fairy new pair—he was a 2012 Christmas gift. I can’t wait to watch them grow and learn together!

Like Fallon and Grace (the character), Lexi and Gracie are sisters (not stepsisters.) They are the sweetest, funniest girls that I’ve ever met! I know some of you have been ??? about my relationship to them.

I’m all about the “you make your own family” theory. I met Lexi and Gracie through their dad. We started out emailing, then texting, then FaceTiming and soon, we got close enough to be like sisters and best friends to each other. So, they might not be “related” to me by blood, but I would do anything for them! They are, indeed, my sisters! :)

For more updates and to share in our West Coast Prep series behind the scenes fun, follow Lex on Twitter!

2 shout outs:

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica ! I am your BIGGEST FAN! I have bought all of your series from books a million in HATTIESBURG MS! It could not be better ! I love Sasha , Paige ,Callie ,Eric and Jacob there my fav characters! Pleas make some more ! GO CANTERWOOD!!!! ☺️☺️☺️

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica! I m also your biggest fan and I read all the Canterwood series. I would love if you actually made West Coast Prep a novel instead of an e-novella. Love all your books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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